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0ur off-grid and eco-friendly Campsites provide nature and wilderness exploration opportunities in a number of ways. These campsites are situated as to cater various trek possibilities. We are coming up with more new campsites in different valleys of Himalaya. Activities adventure and solitude can be enjoyed through out the year at our camps. Check the campsites below…


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Burha Van

/  Kutla, Tosh  /

Perfect place to camping and hiking if you are in Parvati valley. This camp is situated on a cliff among wilderness near Tosh Nallah, a tributary river of Parvati River. Come a day or for weeks.. explore wild..


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/  Manikaran, Parvati Valley  /

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Riverside camps in apple orchard. Theraputic natural hot spring.

In the complete wilderness.


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/  Sainj Valley  /

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Shangchul Rishi's Mystic Meadow awaits you. Close to probably the most beautiful Meadows in Kullu region, like Khajiyar in Chamba.


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